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Shai Sol is a musician, songwriter, and worship leader. Born and raised in Israel.

Shai has been immersed in music and culture since childhood.

First, She learned to play Darbuka, piano, and guitar at a young age.

At the age 23 Shai began to study at the Academy of Music from the East. There she connected deep sounds from her Moroccan roots and discovered her big love for ancient Jewish poems. This greatly influenced the way she sees music and her creativity.

In her teens she pursued her passion for music and began writing songs and performing around her city, Ashdod.

 In 2014, she joined forces with a group of like-minded musicians to form the band Miqedem.

The band quickly gained a following for their unique blend of contemporary music and traditional Jewish melodies and rhythms.

As a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Shai has been an integral part of Miqedem's sound from the beginning.

She plays a variety of instruments, including guitar, and various percussion instruments. She also contributes to the band's songwriting and production, helping to craft their distinctive sound.

Over the years, Shai and Miqedem have toured extensively, sharing their music and message with audiences around the world. Their music has been praised for its spiritual depth, cultural richness, and infectious energy.

Through it all, Shai has remained committed to her faith and her craft, using her gifts to uplift and inspire others.

​Today, she work on new projects with her special sound, created over the years, combines ancient eastern traditions with a new and modern vibe.

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